Wednesday, 5 July 2017

this is how iv been feeling Term 2 Reflection

My term 2 reflections this term I am proud of my maths and work. This term it was fun because we would be fair and we wouldn't fight and argue over games. I am proud of mataiki animation you can go check that out on my blog. What was challenging over the term was doing the subway job if u don't know what it is paroa school has subway on Fridays room 5 (us) delivers subway to the classroom but we have to be carful to not mix the room numbers up so that's what I found challenging. What my emoji stand for.... the eyes and mouth stand for aaa aah ahh there's so much learning the plaster stand for broken because this term I have hurt myself a lot and I have broken my humerus and it had to be in a sling for ten weeks and the hair stands for I am going to be late for school so I hadn't had time to do it. Next time I am looking for to the new teacher.

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